VPN cases sent to the other side of the world to troubleshoot customers!

Thousands of euros saved thanks to the Secomea suitcase!

Why use such technology?

Pierret Industries is a manufacturer of feed systems and cutters. Their customers are active in the textile recycling market, plastic and other special applications.

These are located in the four corners of the world and guarantee a reactive after-sales service is a real challenge!
The company Pierret took up this challenge brilliantly thanks to the "Secomea suitcase".

How is it practically?

When an incident occurs and the cause of the problem is difficult to identify by telephone, the manufacturer sends the Secomea suitcase. This can be done very quickly via an international express service type TNT or DHL. The suitcase does not need a visa, nor sleep and can start its work upon arrival on site!
The latter creates a secure VPN connection between the machine and the control engineers and technicians at the Corbion plant. the locals plug it in and it works! No internet access to request or to involve the customer's IT department ...
They can both better assess the situation and better advise their customers to solve the issue.
Often the client succeeds in restarting. But, if, however, the movement of a technician is unavoidable, he will be better able to prepare and identify the spare parts to be provided if necessary.

Murphy's law?

This device is also very useful in case of minor failure appearing regularly randomly. Indeed, under Murphy's law, a machine always works perfectly close to its technician ...