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30 Oct

Ethernet connection where cables are unwanted


Remote 4G communication with a mobile installation for groundwater purification

When it comes to communication, PICS nv is the place to be.

A water purification installation controlled by PLCs is mounted in two 40 ft sea containers.

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11 Jan

Control the recipe of a laboratory ovens with an Excel file, YES it is possible!


Find out, why and how we completed a flexible, programmable multi-loop heating control system with a tool everyone knows: Excel.

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29 Jul

Don't be afraid to find a good partner on the other side of Belgium for your important renovation projects


Discover why the Brunehaut Brewery has entrusted the renovation of their fermentation and aging tank control to PICS

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22 Feb

VPN cases sent to the other side of the world to troubleshoot customers!


Thousands of euros saved thanks to the Secomea suitcase!

Why use such technology?

Pierret Industries is a manufacturer of feed systems and cutters. Their customers are active in the textile recycling market, plastic and other special applications.

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