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ISOCON-3 Isolating Signal Converter


  • Universal input/output signal converter
  • 3-Port Isolation
  • 90-2302Vac Power Supply
  • Isolated Transmitter Supply
  • No PC software required
  • Only 12.5mm wide on DIN rail


The Isocon-3 signal isolator can accept almost any process input and provide a 4-20 mA Current or 0-10V Voltage output.

Input types include 4-20mA, volts, thermocouples, RTD's, and potentiometers and provides an isolated 4-20mA or Voltage output but almost any input type can be accepted.

The input and output are simply configured using DIP switches and non-interactive zero and span buttons allow for easy 'tweaking' of the unit in the field.

As well as simple input/output isolation the unit can also do signal inversion and square root extraction.

For the 12-36Vdc supply version please see the Isocon-6


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