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1. What is it?

– THE COMPLETE STARTER PACKAGE FOR NEW CUSTOMERS The Secomea Starter Package offering is the best way to start your remote access experience. We give you a complete Starter Package for remotely monitoring and maintaining industrial equipment in any remote location, no extras needed to get started. The Starter Package comes as a hardware or software version depending on your preferences. The Secomea solution is straightforward and very easy to deploy and administer, even for users with no IT skills – simply click and connect within few minutes!  

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2. What do you get?


  • SiteManager Gateway – Choose a SiteManager hardware model with your preferred Internet connectivity method, or the SiteManager Embedded software for installation on your Windows or Linux device.
  • If ordering the SiteManager Hardware Starter Package you also get a SiteManager hardware model that suits your needs – find a complete list of SiteManager hardware models here or consult one of our competent sales reps near you.
  • A GateManager Administrator account on a Secomea hosted GateManager server, no maintenance fee
  • Access to industrial equipment for your technical staff with LinkManager Floating License
  • Free end-user access for monitoring and viewing of event logs on iPhone, iPad or Android devices with LinkManager Mobile


Call one of our highly competent sales reps on +32 3 326.59.59, or fill out our contact form, and we will get in touch with you as quickly as possible… Discuss your needs with our sales reps, and learn more about how system integrators and machine builders worldwide use the Secomea remote access solution with success today.

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