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More and more, our customers are looking for the construction and implementation of their process automation- and information projects not only for quality instrumentation but also for the assistance of an experienced and reliable partner.

For the responsible project engineer, it is important that this partner can not only deliver quality products, but also provide a simple advice and excellent service.

Well, these aspects: quality products, advice, services and solutions are our business!

Our strength is a combination of application knowledge, process and control technology, system knowledge, experience with real-time applications, experience in production, systematic project approach and a strong culture of quality.

Our services are mainly:

  • Engineering, study, drawing, configuration, programming, industrial information technology and project management...

  • Electricity, panel- and cabinet construction. ...

  • On-site installations, start-up and commissioning, optimization, calibration services, training and after sales service


We are pleased to offer turnkey solutions to our clients. Depending upon the client’s brief and the project scope we very often manage the full project, mainly engineering and electrical installation.

Our project management skills and application experience are valuable assets in this discipline.

On any project the following facilities can be provided:

  •   Produce a detailed line control specification document
  •   Produce high quality Eplan drawings
  •   Equipment Installation.
  •   Installation of the control cubicles
  •   Manufacture and functionally test your control cubicles.
  •   Commissioning of the line control system
  •   Issue a fully documented User Manual
  •   Maintain a record of your drawings
  •   Provide an expert support service



Integrating modern technology into an existing production line is one of our specializations. This includes robotics more and more. The robots are mainly used to take over difficult, heavy and monotonous work, such as stacking pallets or loading and unloading machines.

The choice of the right robot, vision system, gripper as well as movement is very important.
Pics has entered into an integration partner agreement with Mitsubishi. For more information, please contact us.