Data collection in the cloud (DCC)

Secure Industrial IoT Made Easy

Data Collection Cloud (DCC)

Secure Industrial IoT Made Easy



What do the world’s machine-builders want from the next generation remote maintenance solution? We’ve been listening to thousands of them, and we’ve spotted a pattern. In their collective vision we see an opportunity to provide a solution offering true value for all levels of the automation industry:

  • Addresses all data-collection needs – even those I don’t yet know aboutPredictive maintenance
  • Combines data collection and remote access in a single device
  • Combines real-time and OEE data visualization
  • Easy to setup and administer
  • Transparent price model
  • Green profile
  • Future-proof
  • Truly secure


Corrective Maintenance

  For many years, the Secomea solution has been acknowledged as a leading technology for Secure Remote Access for Corrective Maintenance. The DCC solution now expands and completes this cycle for Preventive and Predictive maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance

   DCC lets you organize information within real-time, condition monitoring dashboards. Data is collected via the SiteManager IoT gateways, which operate simultaneously as tunnelling peers for decentralized SCADA systems. The system gives you fully automated process control.

Predictive Maintenance

   DCC lets you focus on your OEE, by managing and visualizing production batch data in customizable dashboards or via APIs. The Secomea SiteManager IoT gateways even let you submit the same data concurrently to other cloud systems for further analysis.  



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