AC30 Variable Speed Drive

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Parker Variable Speed Drive - AC30 Series

The AC30 variable speed drive has been designed to provide users with exceptional levels of motor control, from simple open-loop pumps and fans through to closed-loop process line applications. The AC30 combines advanced performance with exceptional ease of use, making even the most complex applications simple to achieve. Working with the five principles of Flexibility, Simplicity, Reliability, Connectivity and Capability our engineers have created a product focussed on making the benefits of quality motor control available to every business. Parker provides easy to use software tools for all levels of experience; enabling users to address any application. Simple applications can be setup in seconds and more complex applications can be configured in the simplest and most logical way. Programming can be via the keypad, Parker Drive QuickTool software or the Codysys based Parker Drive Developer with full IEC 61131 PLC Functionality. The AC30 provides users with access to a large library of application macros and worked examples. While users are free to develop their own applications, they can also save time and development cost by accessing and customising examples of completed solutions. To enable connectivity into a wide range of automation systems the AC30 features Profinet and Ethernet IP through dual Ethernet ports, as well as Modbus TCP IP with client and server functionality. That makes the AC30 series compatible with more than 80 percent of automation architecture; there is no need for expensive add-ons or upgrade modules. The Ethernet protocols also provide potential for intelligent data analytics and connection to external servers – opening up links to the cloud or big data functionality. So whether for standalone use or for integration into a complex automation system, the AC30 offers an easy to use solution for both simple and advanced motor control applications. 


  • Application Macros
  • Safety Torque
  • Modbus Server
  • Basic web server
  • Parker Drive Quick (PDQ) tool programming
  • DSE Developer software
  • Ethernet IP
  • Profinet
  • Modbus client
  • System applications libraries
  • 1588 time synchronised peer to peer comms
  • SMART diagnostics
  • User customisable web server
  • Parker Drive Developer (PDD) software
  • Virtual master synchronisation (same as AC890)
  • Multi-axis phase locking (same as AC690/890)
  • Resolver feedback
  • Dual encoder inputs
  • Programmable encoder output


From the clear and concise backlit LCD display to the easy to use programming software, AC30 has been engineered to make the process of commissioning, operating and maintaining.

Graphical keypad

The tactile IP55 keypad can be mounted either on the drive itself or remotely and provides access to all drive functions. The backlit LCD display can be configured to present information in any one of a number of different languages, or even in your own custom language with your own user-defined units


PDQ is a simple software tool for installing, programming and monitoring applications on the AC30 series variable speed drive. A simple wizard makes commissioning and maintain the drive application simple and easy for even the inexperienced operator. 


PDD is a fully featured PLC programming tool for the AC30 series variable speed drive, supporting all IEC-61131 languages including ladder logic, structured text and function block diagrams. It provides access to all drive parameters and enables the user to create powerful AC30 drive solutions. 


Parker engineers have taken every possible step to reduce the likelihood of problems occurring, including a number of features in the AC30 that will ensure any loss of productivity is minimised and production restarted as safely and as soon as possible.


Its flexible and highly modular construction enables a wide range of communications and I/O modules to be easily added as required. This enables AC30 to be used in advanced applications including multiple drive configurations. 


Integrated macros for a range of applications and PLC functionality enable more capable users to create sophisticated control that would previously have required a separate PLC. The AC30 can be integrated into even the most complex systems.


  • Industrial Pumps
  • Packaging Machines
  • Textile Machine
  • Machine Spindles
  • Hydraulic Power Units
  • Wire Drawings
  • Converting Machines
  • Printing Machines
  • Test Stands
  • Rolling Mills
  • Crane Hoist Equipment
  • Marine Winches
  • Extruders


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