nanodac™ Recorder/Controller enhanced for Cybersecurity Robustness


Eurotherm is delighted to announce the nanodac Recorder/Controller has been enhanced for cybersecurity robustness with release V8.16.


Why focus on cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is no longer a secondary requirement in the industrial control’s world. Eurotherm considers cybersecurity to be as important as safety or high availability.

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) based on computer technology and industrial grade networks have been in use for decades. Earlier control system architectures were developed with proprietary technology and were isolated from the outside world, thus making attacks more difficult. In many cases, physical perimeter security was deemed adequate and cybersecurity was not a primary concern.

Today many control systems use open or standardized technologies such as Ethernet TCP/IP to reduce costs and improve performance. Many systems also employ direct communications between control and business systems to improve operational efficiency and manage production assets more cost effectively. This technical evolution exposes control systems to vulnerabilities previously thought to affect only office and business computers. Control systems are now vulnerable to cyber-attacks from both inside and outside of the industrial control system network.

Consequently, many industrial control users are embarking on cybersecurity initiatives. Meanwhile, governments around the world are under pressure to address the ever increasing cybersecurity threat and there is increasing demand for governments to introduce regulation.