Modernizing a Showroom with KNX

KNX and Domotics

For a well-known garage in Antwerp, PICS has renewed a KNX installation.

A defective old controller made sure that the old system no longer functioned. Replacing the old, no longer available, controller was not an option, so it was decided in consultation with the customer to go for a completely new up-to-date system.

An additional problem with this was that they had no configuration whatsoever of the old installation. PICS then searched and found the relevant programmer via the Wago distribution network - for which thanks to WAGO and the original programmer for their help.

The installation has since been renewed and rebuilt with a KNX module in a PFC8212 controller from WAGO that suddenly has an HTML5 web interface on board.

Every employee can now operate the lighting via a high-performance web interface. Each lighting point or actuator can be operated via push buttons, KNX sensors, atmospheres or a "scheduler".

Scheduler or atmospheres are set entirely via the web interface.

The responsible person can now easily determine which light points should come on and when. The alarm is now also done via Email.

Via a "security certified" remote controller from Secomea, we can monitor and maintain the installation remotely.