Industrial automation products with features for cybersecurity robustness

The frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks is growing rapidly. More than ever, strong cybersecurity policies and procedures are crucial to protecting your business while maintaining production and quality.

Securing your processes against external threats

The advent of Industry 4.0 and the rapid adoption of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is giving rise to many new opportunities, as long as your processes are well protected. An effective industrial cybersecurity strategy is typically based on a defense in depth approach to achieve multiple layers of physical and digital protection.

Eurotherm controller and data acquisition products normally reside in the process control level behind a firewall. Our product ranges include communication robustness and user access features, helping to protect production processes from being compromised by cyber attacks as part of a defense in depth strategy.

Achilles certification

This independent certification demonstrates the robustness of products when subjected to a wide range of demanding communication conditions.

Password based user access

The IEC 62443 standard states that industrial control systems should be able to authenticate and authorize human users. Some regional cybersecurity requirements and guidance also no longer allow the use of hard-coded user passwords, therefore IoT capable devices must have the functionality to create unique passwords or prompt for a new user to set a password before they have access.

Improving human cybersecurity behavior

Eurotherm products are available with password-controlled user access features to aid defense-in-depth strategies in industrial control systems. Typical features include, Ethernet communications and FTP server functionality disabled at instrument startup until an Engineer account password has been created. Operator and Supervisor accounts are disabled until unique passwords have been created, and well-known recovery/backdoor passwords are not supported. All helping to limit access only to authorized job roles for improved cybersecurity.

Products with Achilles 1 certification