How do we reconcile old brewing tradition with modern industrial technology?

Malheur Brewery, a company with a tradition dating back to 1773, is a perfect example of our Belgian beer culture and craft!
In order to always offer consumers the same taste when tasting their "Malheur" beer, the same conditions must be created every time during the brewing process.
At PICS, we strongly believe that current technology must always serve the customer so that he can concentrate on the essence of his product and business.
That is why PICS supplied a control system for heating and cooling to seamlessly go through and register the various brewing phases.

The nanodac combines the two: “heat / cool control as well as data registration.

For the configuration you use the free software package iTools and via the built-in screen, an operator can easily select his recipe.
With this type of application you can always rely on the engineers of PICS who are happy to translate any complex system into a working solution.

The nanodac in the Malheur Brewery is a perfect example of this.