Get up at night to check the status of the ovens: never again!

Success story: SMS Alarms and Notifications at Neoceram

Neocéram offers technical solutions in the field of precision filling. The very high standards demanded by their customers (pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food) prompted Neocéram to develop "high performance" ceramics such as Pharmalox® or Pharmazirc®.

Sintering ceramics is one of the most important steps in this manufacturing process. Each stage of the cooking cycle must be mastered in order to guarantee the quality of the finished products (cycle time, stability and temperature homogeneity). For simplicity, the cooking can be spread over several days! The ovens work so evenings, nights and weekends ....
In order to prevent production managers from having to connect regularly to the Eurotherm 3500 series regulators (via a VPN system) to check the smooth running of the cycles, Neocéram hired PICS to create a system of notifications and SMS alarms.

This system consists of a Siemens S7-1200 controller connected to the modbus TCP / IP network of the controllers. The program constantly monitors the state of the furnaces and then generates the strings to form the SMS. The latter sends them to a Secomea module containing a SIM card that sends SMS messages. Events that generate alarms are quite specific to Neocéam's needs.
Example of alarms and notifications

  • Start and end of the critical cooking phases
  • End of cooking
  • Exceeding cycle time of more than xx min in relation to the recipe
  • Temperature difference between 2 heating zones above a certain tolerance during certain defined cycle phases
  • ...

Commissioning was successfully completed on August 30, 2018. In the following weeks, adjustments to certain thresholds and various corrections were made. All these post-commissioning adjustments were made remotely from the PICS offices thanks to the Secomea module allowing the secure connection.