EKS-Engel Fiber Optical communication in the new generation of wind turbines.

Ethernet communication over a CAT6 communication cable can be used up to 100 meters.
The mast of the new generation of wind turbines is almost 200 meters high.
Therefore, a fiber optic cable replaces the CAT6 cable for Ethernet communication between the generator / gearbox and the base of the mast.
In order to make use of Ethernet communication with the existing equipment quickly and without many modifications, two F.O. inverters are placed at both ends of the optical fiber.
The two converters have an Ethernet switch with 4 or 6 RJ45 ports and 2 F.O. ports.
Analogue and digital measurements can also be sent with an F.O. transmitter / receiver from EKS via a second pair of the same optical fiber.