EasyLogging is here!

EasyLogging is here!

Secomea launches Secomea 7.0, featuring the most significant industry upgrade to date

EasyLogging – and simple central configuration

Perhaps the most important feature of the new release is called EasyLogging. Hansen believes it is the most significant upgrade within Preventive and Predictive M2M IIoT solutions. EasyLogging allows easy central configuration of static connections from a central site to all SiteManagers, as well as easy monitoring and logging of data without any IP conflicts.

EasyLogging is based on intuitive drag ‘n’ drop configuration and is completely transparent to IP networks and firewalls, for both the central site and the remote locations. That means anyone can use it – without involving any IT departments – and your LinkManager access is unaffected.

“EasyLogging is designed so that non-IT people can easily set up a complete secure infrastructure for central logging, for example, to a central SCADA system or OPC server,” says Hansen.

The Technical Details

The Master/Client relationship

The solution is based on a SiteManager in the central log server end that functions as an EasyLogging Master, while remote SiteManagers function as EasyLogging Clients. The EasyLogging Master can be configured to act as either “Pull” Master, or “Push” Master. In Pull mode the log server is the active part that connects to the devices and collects information. In Push mode, the log server is the passive part, to which the devices will actively deliver data. Both modes can, however, easily be combined.

SiteManager relays EasyLogging push

Hardware and software

At launch, the EasyLogging Master capability is supported by hardware-based SiteManagers. Later in 2016 a software version will be available. EasyLogging Client capability is supported by both hardware and software SiteManagers (SiteManager Embedded Extended). EasyLogging Master and Client functionality is simply enabled by defining EasyLogging Agents in the SiteManagers, and EasyLogging Client functionality can even be enabled for existing agents, by just ticking the checkbox “EasyLogging” for the agent.

SiteManager relays EasyLogging pull


EasyLogging will also be supported on hosted GateManagers, meaning that users can deploy it with their existing GateManager hosting account. To take advantage of the EasyLogging feature, the GateManager and SiteManager need to be running Secomea release 7.0, available in July 2016.

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