Don't be afraid to find a good partner on the other side of Belgium for your important renovation projects

Discover why the Brunehaut Brewery has entrusted the renovation of their fermentation and aging tank control to PICS

Initial situation

The Brunehaut beers are appreciated and in December 2018 the brewery decides to increase its production capacity from 6 to 9 tanks. Specifically, this means an additional… for automation.

  • 3 PT100 temperature probes
  • Additional I / O module (WAGO)
  • PLC Wago reprogramming
  • Extra pneumatic dispensers
  • A new HMI, programmed larger and more user-friendly
  • Installation, test and start-up on location.


Nouvel HMI pour la brasserie Brunehaut


Programming the interface is one of the most important steps and contributes 90% to the comfort of the user. It must be clear (not overloaded) and intuitive.

The home screen must provide one overview at a glance. We used bright colors for this.
We have also added the sending of SMS messages. And with the help of the “Secomea Site Manager”, the operating system can be viewed via the Smart Phone via a secure connection in the event of an alarm!

The benefits for brewers:Visualisation à distance sur un smartphone !

  • Peace of mind: problems are automatically sent via SMS.
  • Speed: in this case the HMI can be taken over remotely and via a secure connection with a PC or smartphone
  • Reactivity: maintenance and programming can also be done remotely and this thanks to the "Secomea Site Manager" (available from € 468 for the LAN version.)

The PICS know-how:

The above PLC is just one of the many solutions where our "Remote connection" can be applied. This enables us to choose the right solutions for our customers at the best price.

Thanks to Mr. Delneste of Brunehaut Brewery for his cooperation and approval.