Data logging, alarm and sending of SMS and e-mails

Strict rules in the production of Nutrition, Pharmacy (21 CFR Part 11) as well as Aircraft (AMS2750E) and Transport (CQI-9) require both a secure storage of production data as well as a quick intervention in the event of problems such as alarms, etc.

For this reason, Pics NV has a tailor-made solution that combines data logging as well as sending SMS and e-mail when alerted!

The system consists of several modules:

  •     A data logger with universally configurable inputs, local data storage and numerous options starting with 1 channel, but expandable to an unlimited number of measurement points ...
  •     The data logger is also equipped with an ethernet communication (Modbus protocol) to provide access to measurements and alarms.
  •     An additional local module looks through the communication link, regardless of the logging, state, and alarm situation of your application.
  •     With an alarm, this module sends a freely programmable string of text and measurement data to the so-called "Site Manager"
  •     The Site Manager is equipped with a SIM card and connects to the 3G / 4G network to send text with both alarm text and critical measurement data.
  •     Important for Cyber ​​Security: The Site Manager is certified for a secure data connection!