Control the recipe of a laboratory ovens with an Excel file, YES it is possible!

Find out, why and how we completed a flexible, programmable multi-loop heating control system with a tool everyone knows: Excel.

R&D and quality control laboratories are particularly important bodies for any company that produces something. Having a good laboratory control system is just as important as in the production department...

Flexibility: The laboratory challenge

Indeed, production procedures and processes, once developed, are often fixed for years. This is not the case for laboratories where various and varied tests have to be carried out at all times. We must therefore be able to evolve and interact with the system quickly and easily. This is what we developped for this laboratory specializing in the testing of surface treatments.

Used instrumentation:

To modify the heating cycles, nothing could be simpler .... Just add columns (segments) and fill in the duration and the temperature of the different points (max 30). Once it's done, just save it under ".csv"
Adroit: much more than a Scada!

With the “Load” key on the main screen of the PC panel, this .csv file is loaded into Adroit, which begins regulation.
It is even possible to reload a new CSV "on the fly" to modify a running cycle!
All parameters are stored during the test, for an automatic report at the end of the reactor test: the icing on the cake

Finally, thanks to the SECOMEA site manager, PICS can remotely reconfigure adroit software to make it evolve, always in constant adaptation to needs. This allows us to provide excellent service in the shortest possible time.

So, if you also want to take advantage of flexible tailor-made solutions and work with responsive teams, contact us