Compressor test and management system

The Swedish producer of compressors, Atlas Copco, invested in a new building in 2003 to automatically test all compressors produced in Wilrijk. The building in Wilrijk consists of three test rooms and the same number of separate test cells, says Atlas Copco.

The installation developed by PICS nv is intended as a test for Atlas Copco's own production. From now on, the manufacturer of compressors must be able to test "compressor models in a flexible and automatic way." According to Atlas Copco, the installation of PICS is the cream of the crop worldwide.

Now, some 15 years later, the test management system is still customer-friendly and efficient. It has always been updated to the new requirements over the years. The TBS system makes a connection with 5 databases and 5 web applications to determine which tests must be performed on the compressor to be tested.

The TBS system also communicates with the control units of the various subcomponents. Communication with the electronics (the control unit of the compressor), an OPC server has been developed that is structured in such a way that it automatically knows from the compressor model which measuring points it must read.

In this world of more and more data, the data from the compressors is dumped into a database, which means that the Atlas Copco engineers can provide increasingly efficient formulas in Labview. In order not to have to incorporate these increasingly complex and changing formulas into the TBS system, a link has been made between Adroit (SCADA system fully based on Microsoft) and the LAbview server. The TBS system therefore always uses the latest published formulas in Labview.