Automation of a Tank installation in the port of Antwerp

Automation of a Tank installation in the port of Antwerp in collaboration with Hamer Belgium

The end customer based in the port of Antwerp considers safety, health and environment of paramount importance. This has also clearly translated into the concept of this installation.

The client goes further than the applicable standards and has various progressive systems implemented to optimally provide the installation with all possible safety systems.
At this gigantic Sea-Terminal, where activities take place 24/7 non-stop, it is crucial to be able to handle a refueling at the required speed. But speed and safety also go hand in hand here.

Most so-called "straddle carriers" are equipped with double fuel tanks, along with an AdBlue installation to meet the highest environmental requirements. To refuel these "straddle carriers", Hamer has designed 16 proprietary fuel pumps with a flow rate of 300 l / min.

In order to be able to supply the entire Fleet in a timely manner, eight autonomous refueling points are constructed where the two fuel tanks and the AdBlue tank of each machine can always be filled simultaneously.
Both an overfill protection and decoupling detection ensure extra safety