Adroit 10

Introducing Adroit 10

Adroit 10 is the latest product offering from Adroit Technologies. It is at the forefront of the SCADA/HMI market and is one of the most open, advanced and scalable SCADA platforms available.

Adroit 10 is a real-time data acquisition and reporting software product that is not limited to industrial automation but is extensively used in mining, building management, water management, network management, manufacturing, and IIOT markets.

  • Adroit 10 provides support for both X86 and X64 architectures
  • Object Model 
  • Context View
  • Demand scanning of tags on Adroit 10
  • Find and Replace Tag References utility
  • Additional values added to Gauges
  • Network Management and Troubleshooting
  • End-user and System Integrator support
  • Latest version of web browser is supported by Adroit 10

Features and Improvements

Adroit 10 has many new features and improvements. The user interface has been changed; the product icons have been revised, updated, standardized and are now classified using different coloured vertical bars on their left-hand side. Each colour represents a category; red for Clients, green for Diagnostics, grey for Servers, blue for Utilities and orange for Services.

 Adroit 10 goes Mobile

The Performance Anywhere HTML5 client is included as an installable component of Adroit 10. This application can be opened on a mobile device and/or Internet browser.

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