Access Data Anytime, Anywhere

Monitor and manage the health of drugs during research, manufacturing, storage and transportation.

Our data loggers can help you meet the rigorous standards required for medicines and pharmaceuticals to ensure superior quality and safety.

Our data loggers are used by many medical and pharmaceutical companies that have obtained JCI and ISO certifications.
Select your data logging system according to your application:


  •     For monitoring the temperature of medicines during transport
  •     Compact loggers for easy placement in medical cold chain coolers
  •     Easy transfer of temperature data during mobile network transmission

Medicine storage

  •     For monitoring refrigerated medicines and blood storage
  •     Easy placement of loggers in refrigerators and freezers


  •     Logger types available for drugs, drug studies, sample storage, and hospital rooms

And further:

  •     Remote data monitoring and sharing with our cloud storage service
  •     Alert notifications via e-mail when set alarm levels are exceeded
  •     Free graphical tools for creating reports