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06 Dec

Access Data Anytime, Anywhere


Monitor and manage the health of drugs during research, manufacturing, storage and transportation.

Our data loggers can help you meet the rigorous standards required for medicines and pharmaceuticals to ensure superior quality and safety.

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30 Oct

Ethernet connection where cables are unwanted


Remote 4G communication with a mobile installation for groundwater purification

When it comes to communication, PICS nv is the place to be.

A water purification installation controlled by PLCs is mounted in two 40 ft sea containers.

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06 Apr

Remote maintenance


Access, monitor and maintain your machines anywhere, anytime

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18 Jan

nanodac™ Recorder/Controller enhanced for Cybersecurity Robustness



Eurotherm is delighted to announce the nanodac Recorder/Controller has been enhanced for cybersecurity robustness with release V8.16.


Why focus on cybersecurity?

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